ACP Migration and Civil Society

ACP Migration and civil society

Component 3 of the Intra-ACP Migration Facility aims at empowering civil society to contribute to the dialogue on migration.

By supporting civil society, the aim is to strengthen its ability to participate to the political dialogue on migration issues.

Associations, trade unions, specialists on migration issues, non-governmental organisations and migrants: all the civil society actors are involved and are encouraged and supported in their participation in consultation structures, established by the Facility.

Through this component, supporting initiatives are proposed and implemented to build the capacity of non-State actors at national and regional levels, based on the needs identified by the consultation structures, including those specific to the civil society when required.

These initiatives aim, in particular, to enhance:

the quality and the design of activities of non-State actors already operating in the field of migration or interested in the field;
the knowledge of non-State actors on Migration and Development and their awareness of the importance of migration issues;
the capacity of non-State actors to participate constructively in dialogue with state institutions on migration issues.

This approach is implemented through:

the identification of civil-society organisations specialised in migration issues and having in interest in this issue;
the designation by non-State actors of representatives within consultation bodies at national and regional levels;
the highlighting of needs, experiences and rights of migrants by civil-society representatives in ACP consultation bodies;
the dissemination of reliable information to potential migrants and returnees;
the implementation of communication activities and targeted information campaigns.

Capacity-building initiatives for civil society

Supporting civil society aims at strengthening its capacity to participate effectively to the political dialogue on migration issues and to promote the needs, experiences and rights of migrants.

The private sector, associations, trade unions and civil society in all their aspects are encouraged and supported in their participation in consultation processes.

Examples of capacity-building initiatives for civil society led by the Intra-ACP Migration Facility
Technical expertise

Technical support to strengthen organisational, institutional and technical capacities of civil-society organisations, as well as their capacity to mobilise resources, in particular:

New technology;
Improving knowledge of migration issues;
Researching finance (identifying sources of finance and proposed projects).


Support for representatives of organisations likely to participate in the dialogue is based on:

Raising awareness of migration and development with the assistance of organisations involved in the field;
Building of platforms for exchanging best practice between organisations.


Activities implemented by civil society and non-State actors may be entitled to grants if they promote: the rights of migrants, their needs and experiences.

For example :

Maximizing the use of remittances from migrant families;
Dissemination of reliable information on the rights of migrants;
Sensitization of groups exposed to the risk of illegal migration;
Providing support services for returnees.

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