Means of Intervention

Method of Intervention
Leading Regional Organizations and National Institutions

Six ACP Regional institutions (one each per region) have been identified and mandated by the ACP Group to act as the lead regional organization of the Facility. Twelve ACP governmental institutions dealing with migration and development issues have also been selected and mandated by the ACP Group of States to act as the lead national institution of the Facility. These institutions are given on-site technical assistance and act as facilitators of the national and regional consultation and dialogue on migration and Development.


The Facility helps create the conditions for dialogue among all stakeholders in the field of migration and development, by promoting the establishment of consultation structures.

The purpose of these consultation structures is to develop proposals dealing with migration and development, with the goal of having them be included by policy-makers in development strategies and policies.
Ultimately, these structures should lead to regular and sustainable dialogue between all stakeholders, including civil society.

Opportunities for dialogue between both national and regional institutions, as well as between all ACP partners, are sought and encouraged in order to harmonize the approaches of the various stakeholders, to share best practices, and to build on achievements.

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