Mission and Vision


To support ACP States in a process aiming at improving the management of Intra-ACP migration flows and enhancing their positive impact on development.

The Intra-ACP Migration Facility intends to support the ACP countries and regions in understanding and managing migratory flows in order to maximize their impact on development.

ACP Migration is primarily focused on migration within the ACP area, namely the 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

Direct beneficiaries are national institutions, regional organisations as well as civil society organisations active in the field of migration.

Its indirect beneficiaries are all state and non-state actors involved in the process of consultation on the theme of Migration and Development and, beyond, the migrants themselves, their families, their communities, their countries of origin and destination.

To link Migration and Development

ACP Migration encourages governments and regional organisations to integrate migration into public policies, both general and sector-oriented. Therefore, it strives to contribute to the sustainable development of these countries and regions, and to improve rights and living conditions of both migrants and non migrants.

The Facility falls within the framework of the international dialogue on migration and responds to the willingness, shared by the ACP Group of States and the European Union, to consider migration in relation to development.

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